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Holiday season and domestic violence (Released: 12/14/95)

News tip for journalists

by Sherry Fisher, Office of University Communications.

Holiday giving for some families means exchanging punches and nasty words.

"The holiday season often means a rise in incidents of domestic violence as families experience unusually high stress levels," says Richard Meth, director of the Center for Marriage and Family Therapy in the School of Family Studies at the University of Connecticut, and author of the book, Men in Therapy: The Challenge of Change.

"With so much emphasis on giving, family togetherness and holiday spirit, many people face intense periods of loneliness, unhappiness and loss," Meth says.

The Domestic Violence Treatment Program at the School of Family Studies is a group treatment approach for male perpetrators created by the Center for Marriage and Family Therapy.

The 12-week program is often mandated by the courts as an alternative to incarceration.

For more information, call Meth at (860) 486-3372 or or call Rodney Nadeau, a Ph.D. candidate in the Marriage and Family Therapy Program and group leader at the Domestic Violence Treatment Program, at (860) 486- 3692.

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