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Press briefing on Bosnia scheduled for Dec. 1 (Released: 11/30/95)

News advisory for journalists

by Luis Mocete, Office of University Communications.

Robert Kravchuk, professor of political science and financial advisor to the President of Bosnia-Herzegovina, will hold a press briefing Friday, Dec. 1 to discuss the United States' role in Bosnia

Kravchuk, who recently returned from Sarajevo, feels that U.S. troops in Bosnia are necessary to maintain peace. "U.S. troops will provide reasonable insurance to all the parties that it is okay to cooperate to build a government for the new state, without worry that some of the other military units are going to move against them," he said.

The briefing will be held at 7 p.m. in the Asian American Cultural Center, 246 Glenbrook Road. It will be the only opportunity to talk to him as he prepares to return to Sarajevo next week.

Kravchuk will deliver an address at 8 p.m. at the cultural center dealing with the war in Bosnia and the prospects for peace.

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