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Husband and wife team shine in a new physics book aimed at the average reader (Released: 8/13/96)

by David Pesci, Office of University Communications.

STORRS, Conn. -- Leonid Az½roff has written seven books on physics, including three introductory texts. But this didn't stop many of his friends and acquaintances from frequently asking the same question: "When are you going to write a book about physics that we can understand?"

Az½roff finally did, thanks to the help of his wife and her pancakes. And French toast and corn fritters and eggs and pastry.

The book, Physics over Easy: Breakfast with Beth and Physics, is an easy-to-follow book about the basics of physics that grew out of breakfast time between Az½roff and his wife, Beth.

"I had started to write a physics book for the average person and was very excited about it," says Az½roff, a professor emeritus of Materials Science at the University of Connecticut. "So, one morning over breakfast, I was discussing it with my wife, Beth. She didn't know anything about physics and started asking some very good questions. This went on for a few breakfasts and, before I knew it, my conversations with Beth had become the framework for the book."

The book's 18 chapters include such titles as "Apple Gravity Pancakes," "Hard Boiled Eggs with Inertia," and "Apple Fritters and Love." Each chapter begins with a new breakfast dish and a new series of questions by Beth. Az½roff does his best to anwer these questions in ways that are accurate and yet easy to understand.

A recent review in the magazine New Scientist called Beth Az½roff "science's newest female superstar." "She shines as an inquisitive and brilliantly intuitive student."

Published by World Scientific of New Jersey, Physics Over Easy is a winning book that makes an often dull subject interesting, accessible and tasty.

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