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Russians coming to UConn for tips on research funding (Released: 12/5/96)

by Richard Veilleux, Office of University Communications.

STORRS, Conn. -- The chairman and seven other members of the Russian Duma's Committee on Education and Science will visit the University of Connecticut Friday, Dec. 6 to study the American educational system.

During the 1:30-5 p.m. visit, the eight members of the Russian lower house of parliament hope to gain insight on the management practices followed in a successful multi-campus university system, and to learn about various aspects of federal and private sector research funding and grants, especially in scientific areas. The committee members also hope to learn more about how to run an effective library system.

The visitors will be meeting with UConn Chancellor and Provost for University Affairs Mark A. Emmert; Associate Provost Fred Maryanski; Lucy Creevey, the dean of the Division of International Affairs; Ross MacKinnon, dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences; Barbara Wright and Marvin Cox, co-directors of the Center for European Studies; and assorted staff from the library. The discussions will help the committee members develop ideas as they work through the reform movement currently underway to democratize the Russian educational system.

This is the fourth time since early October that international groups have looked to UConn for help in developing higher education programs overseas, including a visit Wednesday from Japanese dignitaries and businessmen who were looking into the University's use of Dynacom, a system that enhances learning, and has several other high tech applications. In early October, the School of Business Administration, with Aetna Insurance Co., agreed to help officials at Shanghai Jiao Tong University develop a curriculum for a new business school, and university officials also signed on to help a group of businessmen from Thailand build an entire university curriculum and help hire faculty for SirinSiam International University, to be built in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The various opportunities to set-up and help develop institutions of higher education overseas enhance UConn's global image and international capabilities, and open new vistas for faculty research and faculty and student exchange programs.

The members of the Russian Duma Conference visiting UConn this week will be: Ivan Ivanovich Melnikov, chairman of the Duma Committee on Education and Science and deputy of the Russian Federation Parliament; Oleg Nikolayevich Smolin, deputy chairman of the Duma Committee and another Deputy of the Russian Federation Parliament; Viktor Stepanovich Shevelukha, Dmitriy Nikolayevich Abramenkon, Tamara Vasilevna Pletneva, and Oleg Petrovich Grishkevich, all members of the Duma committee and deputies of the Russian Federation Parliament; Dmitriy Olegovich Chuvilkin, the consultant for the Department of Interparliamentary Cooperation; and Viktor Nikolayevich Khudyakov, assistant to Deputy Smolin and a university professor.

This visit to UConn is sponsored by the United States Information Agency (USIA), an independent government agency who works overseas to nominate candidates to visit the U.S. Working with USIA to coordinate this visit is the World Affairs Council of Greater Hartford, who did the scheduling for the Russian's visit.

For more information on the Committee's afternoon visit this Friday, contact Chris Snow at the International Affairs Department of UConn, (860) 486-3152.