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NU to provide UConn with $378,000 in safety training (Released: 2/16/96)

by Renu Sehgal, Office of University Communications.

STORRS, Conn. -- Northeast Utilities will provide the University of Connecticut with $378,000 worth of radiation and chemical safety training over the next seven years.

In this public-private partnership, NU will provide initial and refresher training to about 950 UConn employees and graduate students. The company agreed to offer the training during energy rate reduction negotiations with UConn last year, said Willie Hagan, associate vice president for finance and administration.

''It's a win-win situation for both parties,'' Hagan said. ''Northeast Utilities retains us as a customer and we get excellent training. We are going from a rather weak model of training to one of the best in the nation.''

The Northeast Utilities training department will provide the training to principal investigators, staff from facilities management and the warehouse, animal caretakers, and police and fire department personnel.

''This is certainly an exciting partnership and we are glad to share our knowledge,'' said Eric DeBarba, vice president of Nuclear Technical Services for NU. ''Everybody benefits from high-quality chemical and radiation safety training. People who handle these materials need this training and we have the expertise to provide it."

The radiation program consists of six classes each three hours long, on the basics of lab safety and radiation, principles of radiation protection, the biological effects of radiation, monitoring and techniques for handling radioactive material.

The chemical safety program will provide 100 hours addressing chemical hygiene, hazard identification, emergency response and safe handling procedures.

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