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H.U.D. official to discuss urban agenda March 1 (Released: 2/23/96)

by Luis Mocete, Office of University Communications.

STORRS, Conn. -- Michael Stegman, assistant secretary for policy development and research at the U.S. Housing and Urban Development s (HUD), will discuss the Clinton Administration s new urban agenda at the University of Connecticut on March 1.

Stegman's talk will give us an opportunity to learn about the changes that are being made to make the federal government's urban policy more effective, said Steve Ross, an assistant professor of economics.

Stegman is responsible for providing advice and information to HUD Secretary Henry Cisneros. He monitors housing needs, housing market conditions, the operation of existing programs and, with the help of his colleagues, conducts research on housing and community development issues.

Over the years, American cities have faced tremendous pressures because global economic restructuring has eroded the employment base of many cities, Ross said. Because of this, many cities are facing fiscal problems that have resulted in an increase in poverty and a decline in the quality of neighborhoods, he added.

Before joining HUD, Stegman was the chair of the department of city and regional planning and the doctorate curriculum in public policy analysis at the University of North Carolina. He conducted research and taught graduate courses in national housing policy and investment analysis there for 26 years.

Stegman has been a consultant to numerous states and localities and has led workshops for housing professionals and elected officials throughout the nation. From 1979 through the end of the Carter administration, Stegman was deputy assistant secretary for research at HUD.

In addition to his speech, at 10 a.m. March 1 in Room 143 of the Monteith building, he will participate in a panel discussion at Trinity College with Louise Simmons and John Brittain, professors at the schools of Social Work and Law at the University of Connecticut, along with Trinity College president Evan Dobelle. They will discuss the role that colleges and universities should play in addressing the urban problems that lie in American cities today. The discussion will be at 2 p.m. in the McCook Auditorium at Trinity College.

For information on both events, which are sponsored by the UConn Department of Economics, call (860) 486-3533.

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