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VALENTINE'S DAY TIPS(Released: 1/29/97)

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by Sherry Fisher, Office of University Communications.

Rekindle the romance

Has the sizzle gone out of your love life? Valentine's Day can be used to start the process of rekindling the romance in a relationship, says Sandra Rigazio-DiGilio UConn associate professor of family studies. But rekindling romance often means something very different to men and women, she says. "While you might be very aware of what you would expect or desire on this precious day, are you certain of your partner's expectations?" she asks.

You're buying what?

Move over chocolate, roses and jewelry. Traditional Valentine's Day gifts are fine, but couples are also buying special items for the home, says Mary Ellen Brigham, a faculty member in UConn's School of Business Administration. One of the growing markets in retail is products for the home, she says, noting the increase in home store divisions. People are buying permanent things for their homes that make them feel good, Brigham says. These days, people are doing more home entertaining and are buying china and other specialty items to add to collections, Brigham says. A thoughtful gift for someone might be a piece of crystal or china to add to a collection.

Love and laughter

"Laughing together is the closest you can get without touching," says associate professor of English Regina Barreca. Remembering that is a good thing for both men and women, she says. Barreca is the author of The Penguin Book of Women's Humor, (1996) and Perfect Husbands and Other Fairy Tales: Demystifying Marriage, Men and Romance (1993).

Gotta get away

Looking for a Valentine's Day getaway? Many people are. Couples in the 30- to 40-year-old range with children are looking for ways to get away from the hectic pace of daily life, says Mary Ellen Brigham, a faculty member in the School of Business Administration. Planning something special for Valentine's Day -- like a night at a spa or a bed and breakfast are thoughtful ways of spending time together, she says.