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Federal Reserve Chairman Greenspan to speak Oct. 14 (Released: 10/10/97)

by Richard Veilleux, Office of University Communications.

STORRS, Conn. -- Alan Greenspan, whose slightest hints about the direction of interest rates can cause gyrations on Wall Street, will deliver an address at the University of Connecticut Oct. 14.

His talk, which will be delivered in von der Mehden Recital Hall from 2-3 p.m., will focus on the heightened need for Americans to be educated if the country is to remain competitive in the still developing global marketplace.

"Alan Greenspan’s visit continues our tradition of bringing the very best minds in the world to the UConn campus," says President Philip E. Austin. "I’m absolutely thrilled to see someone of Mr. Greenspan’s stature, someone who commands respect from Washington to Wall Street, come to Storrs. It is yet another reflection of our renewed energy and vitality."

The lecture is sponsored by Greenwich Capital Markets, in collaboration with the Thomas J. Dodd Research Center, the School of Business Administration’s Center for International Business Education and Research, and the University Libraries.

Officials expect nearly 200 seats will be available for interested faculty, staff and students, on a first-come, first-served basis. Opportunities for televising the event to other areas of campus are being investigated.

Greenspan, who in June 1996 began his third term as chairman of the board of governors of the Federal Reserve System, is the first speaker in The Greenwich Capital Markets Economic Seminar Series. The series, endowed by Greenwich Capital Markets, will bring a major national figure to campus each year. The endowment was presented to the University during events surrounding the successful fund-raising efforts for the Thomas J. Dodd Research Center and its archives, and will help the University bring well-known speakers to campus who will discuss various aspects of international commerce.

Greenwich Capital Markets is a trading, finance and investment banking firm with headquarters in Greenwich. It is a subsidiary of NatWest Markets, a division of National Westminster Bank, one of the world’s largest and most strongly capitalized financial institutions, with worldwide reach and subsidiaries in 22 countries.

Greenspan, 71, has been appointed chairman of the federal reserve by Presidents Reagan, Bush and Clinton. He also serves as chairman of the Federal Open Market Committee, the system’s principal monetary policymaking body. A member of President Reagan’s Economic Policy Advisory Board, Greenspan also served as chairman of the President’s Council of Economic Advisors under President Gerald Ford and, from 1981-83, as chairman of the National Commission on Social Security Reform.

Other presidential appointments include service on the President’s Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board, the Commission on Financial Structure and Regulation, the Commission on an All-Volunteer Armed Force, and the Task Force on Economic Growth.

A senior advisor to the Brookings Panel on Economic Activity, Greenspan also was a consultant to the Congressional Budget Office, and a member of Time magazine’s Board of Economists.

Greenspan earned his bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees from New York University. He has conducted advanced graduate studies at Columbia University.