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UConn Praised for its Public Research (Released: 9/13/00)

By Sherry Fisher, Office of University Communications

STORRS, Conn. -- A recent study has identified the University of Connecticut as the top ranked institution in published research in the most respected academic real estate journals.

The study, "Real Estate Research: A Ranking of Individuals and Institutions," by Jonathan Dombrow of the University of Illinois, Chicago, and Geoffrey K. Turnbull of Louisiana State University, bases its rankings on the number of published pages in the top three core real estate journals and the top five related journals in urban and housing economics from 1989-1998.

The research included articles by faculty from the School of Business' Center for Real Estate and Urban Economic Studies, as well as faculty from the economics and geography departments.

"I think it's wonderful that we're recognized," says C.F. Sirmans, professor of finance and director of the Center for Real Estate and Urban Economics. "It has always been my goal as director of the Real Estate Center to establish a strong research reputation."

The ranking will attract more graduate students to study these kinds of issues, notes Sirmans. "We've always had a strong program, but this will give us more visibility both nationally and internationally."

Sirmans was ranked number two in the individual rankings for published work. His research involves house prices and real estate evaluation and investment analysis.

Faculty research includes studies of urban and housing issues, performance of housing markets and house prices, the economics of real property law, mortgage markets, mortgage prices, commercial property markets, prices, trends, rents and vacancies, and real estate brokerage markets.

The top academic real estate journals are Real Estate Economics, The Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics, and The Journal of Real Estate Research. The top five related journals are The Journal of Urban Economics, The Journal of Regional Science, Land Economics, The Journal of Housing Economics, and Regional Science and Urban Economics. The University is the top institution based on publications in the three real estate core journals alone, as well as the entire set of eight.

The Center for Real Estate and Urban Economic Studies was established in 1965 by the Connecticut General Assembly for the purpose of providing professional and practical assessment of real estate issues in Connecticut, the region, and the nation. Current issues and future concerns in real estate are identified and analyzed through education, research, and outreach efforts.

The real estate program has alumni working in all aspects of real estate in New England and throughout the nation.

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