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Officials Say "Award" Lacks Credibility
(Released: 12/03/01)

By Richard Veilleux, Office of University Communications

STORRS, Conn. -- University of Connecticut officials today said the Toxics Action Center "award" lacks credibility.

"We have no idea what the group based their findings on or how they reached this decision. They failed to rely on facts readily available from the Department of Environmental Protection, local health officials or the Town of Mansfield. They never contacted UConn officials, " said Karen A. Grava, UConn spokeman. "In short, TAC's action demonstrates poor research, inherent bias and a willingness to rely solely on one-sided representations."

Grava also noted that:

· No link has been established between coliform bacteria and sediment in two wells close to construction of Hilltop Apartments. Local health department tests indicated that coliform existed in one of the residential wells before the building project began as did iron and manganese sediment in the other well, which is potable. Nevertheless, the University is working closely with both residents to assess the cause of their well problems.

· Less than 10 gallons of diesel fuel leaked from a holding tank at the site of the Hilltop Apartments into the detention basin in July. The state Department of Environmental Protection responded to contain the spilled fuel. Since diesel fuel is lighter than water, it floats and would not have entered a nearby brook through the detention basin drainage pipes that were below water level.

The Toxics Action Center failed to seek objective information, did not use information that was widely reported and available; did not attempt to seek opinions of experts who are knowledgeable in this matter and did not base their "award" on an objective assessment of the facts.

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