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UConn Correcting Hazardous Waste Violations
(Released: 07/09/01)

By Karen Grava, Office of University Communications

STORRS, Conn. -- An inspection by the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection at the University of Connecticut Mansfield Depot Campus has identified several violations of state regulations governing the management of hazardous wastes.

The University was notified of the DEP's preliminary findings on June 27th.The inspections, which took place on May 29 and June 14, were conducted at the Longley Building, which houses the Environmental Research Institute and other University facilities, in response to an anonymous complaint.

Although no formal notice of violation has been issued by the DEP, two meetings between UConn staff and DEP officials have taken place already and a third is expected to take place this week. Corrective action where appropriate has been taken, said Frank Labato, UConn director of environmental health and safety.

"The University is taking this matter very seriously," he said. "Our compliance efforts are comprehensive. Nevertheless, the inspection at the Longley Building demonstrates the continuing need for close attention to all matters in this area. The University's administration is committed to taking all appropriate steps to respond to the DEP's findings."

The inspection report identified deficiencies in storage, labeling, transportation, and documentation procedures at the Depot campus.

The University is a Carnegie Research I university and completes more than $100 million in research projects each year. Many of its activities generate wastes classified by state agencies as hazardous.

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