News Releases

June 2005

New Study Debunks Myth That Caffeine Causes Dehydration - June 30

UConn Findings Show Benefit of Banning MTBE From Gasoline - June 30

UConn Server May Have Been Breached - June 24

Plan For Husky Village - June 24

Opportunities Available For Artisans, Food Vendors, At September Festival - June 22

UConn "Time Travel" Professor Ronald Mallett To Speak At Hartford's Sport And Medical Sciences Academy Graduation - June 22

Festival by the Sound September 24 at UConn/Avery Point - June 15

Children's Book - Mo's Star - Launches New Global Effort to Build Schools in Pakistan - June 15

Attorney General, UConn President, UConn Co-op GM Announce Co-op To Stop Selling Cigarettes - June 14

Low-Carbohydrate Diets Reduce Heart Disease Risk - June 13

Being Overweight May Make It Harder to Build Muscle, A New Study Shows - June 13

Humorist's Memoir of Dartmouth's First Co-Ed Years Talks Language of Today's College Bound Too - June 3

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