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High School Researchers Will Display Work At Symposium
Released: March 1, 2005

Release #05005
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STORRS, Conn.— Nearly 200 students and 50 teachers from 57 high schools across the state will participate in the 42 nd Junior Science and Humanities Symposium (JSHS) on Monday March 7, and Tuesday March 8, 2005. The symposium will be held at the University of Connecticut.

The JSHS programs encourage high school students to become involved with research and experimentation in the sciences, engineering and mathematics.

Presentations of research findings, offered in room A120 of the Chemistry Building, allow the students to see how research is conducted at the University level and to demonstrate the opportunities available to undergraduates at a research university, said Arthur Dimock. Former UConn faculty members will coordinate laboratory tours of departments ranging from animal sciences to pathobiology.

The retired associate department head of the chemistry department and the director of the Connecticut JSHS, Dimock said the program provides a chance for students to showcase their own research which they have conducted during high school.

“The largest benefit of the Junior Science and Humanities Symposium for the students is the opportunity to interact with peers from other high schools and to view the extensive range of research topics that exist,” says Dimock. “In addition, these students are able to view the work of professional scientists.”

A presentation entitled, “ Animal Acoustics From Dogs to Whales: Can You Hear Me Now? ” presented by Peter M. Scheifele, a research associate of the animal sciences department, will take place Monday from 9 to 10:15 a.m.

Jennifer Lease, of the honors program, will give a presentation entitled, “Realize Your Potential: The Benefits of Attending Public Research Universities For Undergraduate Researchers,” Monday at 5 p.m.

A science presentation, “ A Day in the Life of a Dolphin Researcher,” will be given by Darcie Blanding and Kelly Melillo, of the Mystic Marine Life Aquarium, Monday from 5:30- 6:30 p.m.

A session on, “Nanoscience, Conjugated Polymers and Some Pretty Cool Gadgets,” by Gregory A. Sotzing, a professor of chemistry and polymer science at UConn, will take place Tuesday at 1:45 p.m.

Of the students involved, approximately 30 will share the results of their own research. The top five presenters will be selected to attend the national JSHS, in San Diego, California, in late April.  High school teachers in attendance will be participating in special workshops.

Students presenting include:


Monday 10:15 - 10:40 a.m. Chemistry Building Lobby

Canton Junior Senior High School

Jonathan Raye
Mentor — Steve Messier
“Stays: The Key to Limiting Torsional Flexure and Increasing Efficiency in Bicycles”

Darien High School
Catherine Elliot
Mentor – Brenton Graveley
“Exploration of the Functions of Drosophila U5, U4/U6 Genes in DSCAM during Alternative Splicing Through RNA”

Tim Grejtak
Mentor — Leon Strecker
“Electrolytically-Produced Hydrogen and its Application for an Automotive Fuel”

East Hartford High School
Laura Spearot
Mentor — Etan Markus
“Investigation of Genes Turned on When Medicinal Leech is Exposed to Blood”

Richard Kurker

Mentor — Joerg Graff
“Investigation of Genes Turned on When Medicinal Leech is Exposed to Blood”

E. O. Smith High School
Mona Hussein
Mentor — Emily Noonan
“Examination of the Promoter Activity of Hsp70B’ in Human Colon Carcinoma Cell Lines Under Various Conditions”

Greenfarms Academy

Bonnie Lee
Mentor — Jennifer Staple
“Transmission of Streptococcus Bacteria in Connecticut School Systems”

Greenwich High School

Andre Martinez
Mentor — Ray Hamilton
“The Affect of Sucralose on the Production of Dextran in Streptococcus Mutants”

Hamden High School
Rebecca Nathanson
Mentor — Jonathan Dranoff
“The Inflammatory Cytokine MCP-1 Activates Portal Fibroblas”

New Canaan High School
Reid Barnett

Mentor — Diane McMahon-Pratt
“Cloning the P4 Gene into a Proper Transfection Vector”

New Milford High School
Elizabeth Mandeville
Mentor — Larry Marsicano
“Phycological Communities in a Seasonally Frozen Lake as a Planetary Analogue”

Newtown High School
Maggie Boushell
Mentor — Frank LaBanca
“The Effects of a Home-Heating –Oil Spill on the Local Environment”

Robert Grauer
Mentor — Frank LaBanca
“Chitin-based Remediation of Sewage Treatment Plant Effluent”

Sara Davis
Mentor — Frank LaBanca
“Enhancement and Inhibition of the Tricarbolic Acid Cycle and Cycle FADH 2 Synthesis”

Staples High School
Rebecca Kamins

Mentor — John Daponte
“Image Segmentation of Bone Density Images”


Monday 10:40 a.m. - noonChemistry Building, Room A120

Darien High School
Olivia Gambir

Mentor — Alim Muhammad
“Cholesterol Regulation of the Interaction Between Amyloid Beta and APOE”

E.O. Smith High School
Wenjie Chen

Mentor — Xiongfei Shen and Julia Sherman
“Ferromagnetic Semiconducting Manganese Oxides: A New Group of Spintronic Materials”

Greenwich High School
William Smith

Mentor — Fiona Dixley
“Comparative Analysis of PTPRO in Four Species”

Staples High School
Rebecca Kowal
Mentor — Paola Vergani
“Nature of the NBD1 Composite APT-binding Site in the CFTR Protein Ct Channel”


Monday 12:45p.m. - 2:00 p.m. Chemistry Building, Room A120

E.O. Smith High School
Thomas Erickson
Mentor — Robert Erickson
“Simple Artificial Intelligence to Accomplish Complex Tasks”

New Canaan High School
Amanda Soohoo
Mentor — J. Reid Schwebach
“The Discovery and Characterization of Two Unique Mycobateriophages”

Rye Country Day School
Divya Krishnan

Mentor — Mark Reed
“Electrical Characteristics of Single GaN Nanowire Internal p-n Junction”


Monday 2:20 p.m. - 3:40 p.m. Chemistry Building, Room A120

Darien High School

Silvia Puma
Mentor — Anura Rambukkana
“Role of Erbb2 Receptor Tyrosine Kinase in M.leprae-Induced Schwann Cell Signaling and Fate”

Simsbury High School

Anu Nellissery
Mentor — Sandra Weller
“A Glycine to Aspartic Acid Mutation in the Major Capsid Protein, VP5, Interferes with the Assembly of HSV-1 Capsids”

South Windsor High School
Jeffrey Schneider
Mentor — David White
“Analytic Study on the Impact of Acquired Immunity on the Spread of West Nile Virus in the United States”

Staples High School
Nina Lintermans
Mentor — Ken Elkins
“Global Warming: Analysis and Modeling of Bird Migratory Patterns as a Predictive Tool”

Rising Stars Poster Presenters

(Posters displayed on the second floor chemistry atrium)

Greens Farms Academy
Richmond Woodward

Hamden Hall Country Day School
Matthew Cohen

New Britain High School
Brenda Bee

Norwalk High School

Rabi Alam

Staples High School

Christina Daley

Students and teachers participating include:

Stacey Andrejko, Ansonia High School
James Boulay, Ansonia High School
Christina Easter, Ansonia High School
Heather Kuraczea, Ansonia High School
Anne Silver, Avon High School
Sean Smith, Avon High School
Bretta Lee Kimmel, Parich Hill High School, Chaplin
Cherie Mercier, Berlin High School
Joshua Thompson, Berlin High School
Edgar Dreyer, Metropolitan Learning Center, Bloomfield
Ashley MacDonald, Metropolitan Learning Center, Bloomfield
James Dayton, Bolton High School
Rachel Stephens, Bolton High School
Ingrid Liu, Branford High School
Elizabeth Tickell, Branford High School
Luke Pietrzak, St. Paul Catholic High School, Bristol
Jonathan Raye, Canton Junior-Senior High School
Rachael Grenon, Bacon Academy, Colchester
James O’Neill III, Bacon Academy, Colchester
Lauryn Wendus, Mercy High School, Columbia
Nicole Bucala, Greensfarms Academy, Cos Cob
Jessica Bilven, Plainfield High School
Carolina Nash, Darien High School
Paul Nelson, Darien High School
Najaf Raza, Darien High School
Theresa Campbell, Darien High School
Catherine Elliot, Darien High School
Kathleen Farley, Darien High School
Olivia Gambir, Darien High School
Tim Grejtak, Darien High School
Cristina Herrera, Darien High School
Silvia Puma, Darien High School
Nicholas Gieda, Killingly High School
Hannah Mack, Killingly High School
Josh Faucher, East Granby High School
Peter Giuliano, East Granby High School
Laura Foran, East Hartford High School
Richard Kurker, East Hartford High School
Samantha Pare, East Hartford High School
Laura Spearot, East Hartford High School
Christine Gertsch, East Haven High School
Matthew Strosnick, East Haven High School
Timothy Keegan, Hamden Hall Country Day School, Guilford
Israel Sanchez, Wilbur Cross High School
Sarah Cocuzzo, Ellington High School
Gregory Honda, Ellington High School
Alysia Appell, Glastonbury High School
John Ellis, Glastonbury High School
Kevin Ford, Glastonbury High School
Stan Kamensky, Glastonbury High School
Kedar Naik, Glastonbury High School
Meredith Nash, Glastonbury High School
Amber Slater, Glastonbury High School
Lyssa Wilson, Glastonbury High School
Diana Wohler, Glastonbury High School
Carlo Delos Angeles, Greenwich High School
Andrea Martinez, Greenwich High School
Herbert Ordonez, Greenwich High School
Erik Ornitz, Greenwich High School
Richman, Greenwich High School
William Smith, Greenwich High School
Ian Yarett, Greenwich High School
Pia Ramchandani, Greewich High School
Michael Schnitt, Hamden Hall Country Day School, Guilford
Akrati Agarwal, Hamden High School
Anesha Agarwal, Hamden High School
Daniel Brownell, Hamden High School
Jeffrey Lipton, Hamden High School
Rebecca Nathanson, Hamden High School
Marah Paley, Hamden High School
Lynsey Teulings, Hamden High School
Brian Williams, Hamden High School
Peter Yakovlev, Hamden High School
Brittany Marioni, New Haven Academy
Torrese Ouellette, New Haven Academy
Stephen Thompson, Parish Hill High School, Chaplin
Jamie Maziarz, Metropolitan Learning Center, Hartford
Meghan Barry, Lewis S. Mills High School, Harwinton
Kelly Considine, Lewis S. Mills High School, Harwinton
Kelly Bowen, RHAM High School, Hebron
Sarah Ickes, RHAM High School, Hebron
Christopher Rogan, Berlin High School, Kensington
Catherine-Alden Pelker, Sacred Heart Academy, Madison
Mickeve Regis, Manchester High School
Greg Thomas, Manchester High School
Katie Civali, Maloney High School, Meriden
Jaime Kenealy, Maloney High School, Meriden
Heather Crean, O.H. Platt High School, Meriden
Jose Martinez, O.H. Platt High School, Meriden
Seli Bekui, Coginchaug Regional High School, Middlefield
John Derlaga, Coginchaug Regional High School, Middlefield
Danielle Simoneau, Killingly High School
Matthew Cohen, Hamden Hall Country Day School
Lauren Benjunas, Joseph A. Foran High School, Milford
Mary Coryea, Joseph A. Foran High School, Milford
Stacey Barnaby, Masuk High School, Monroe
Amanda Benson, Masuk High School, Monroe
Simin Cai, Masuk High School, Monroe
Emily Stumbris, Masuk High School, Monroe
Courtney Jones, Plainfield High School
Brenda Bee, New Britain High School
Philip Gorecki, New Britain High School
Paulina Jankowska, New Britain High School
Melissa Marsh, New Britain High School
Timothy Walsh, New Britain High School
Reid Barnett, New Canaan High School
Peter Chapman, New Canaan High School
Courtney Collins, New Canaan High School
Christopher Schipper, New Canaan High School
Amanda Soohoo, New Canaan High School
Courtney Buchanan, New Haven Academy
India Butler, New Haven Academy
Aiesha Champlain, New Haven Academy
Johniece Golett, New Haven Academy
Sarah Dailey, Wilbur Cross High School, New Haven
Amineta Gueye, Wilbur Cross High School, New Haven
Corey Twitty, Wilbur Cross High School, New Haven
Emina Mesanovic, New Milford High School
Douglas Noga, New Milford High School
Jaclyn Krupa, Northwest Catholic High School, Newington
Robert Grauer, Newtown High School
Laura Konkos, Newtown High School
Kyle Palo, Newtown High School
Samantha Wong, Newtown High School
Rachel Swirsky, North Haven High School
Jessica Troup, North Haven High School
Rabi Alam, Norwalk High School
Sarah Gingerella, Montville High School
Jennifer Chmielewski, Lyme-Old Lyme High School
Rory Coleman, Lyme-Old Lyme High School
Linda Drozdowicz, Amity Regional Senior High School, Orange
William Lathrop, Northwest Catholic High School, Plantsville
Nicole Bates, Putnam High School
Joseph Kubik, Putnam High School
Sindhu Suresh, Waterford High School
Morgan Williams, Greens Farms Academy
Anne Bowlby, Ridgefield High School
Peter Prial, Ridgefield High School
Margaret Boushell, Newtown High School, Sandy Hook
Jonathan Bryant, Newtown High School, Sandy Hook
Sara Davis, Newtown High School, Sandy Hook
Elizabeth Mandeville, New Milford High School
Anu Nellissery, Simsbury High School
Jeffrey Schneider, South Windsor High School
Jennifer Hammond, Mercy High School, Southington
Marissa Wolff, St. Paul Catholic High School, Southington
Bonnie Lee, Greens Farms Academy
Divya Krishnan, Rye Country Day School, Stamford
Mo Mikhail, Stamford High School
Nathan Soffio, Stamford High School
Arman Azimi, Edwin O. Smith High School, Storrs
Wenjie Chen, Edwin O. Smith High School, Storrs
Thomas Erickson, Edwin O. Smith High School, Storrs
Mona Hussein, Edwin O. Smith High School, Storrs
Pratistha Koirala, Edwin O. Smith High School, Storrs
Rafael Perez-Segura, Edwin O. Smith High School, Storrs
Brianna Rosen, Edwin O. Smith High School, Storrs
Sam Salorio, Edwin O. Smith High School, Storrs
Justin Leonhardt, Terryville High School
Michelle Nadeau, Terryville High School
Joseph Fournier, Montville High School
Alicia Modeen, Rockville High School, Vernon
Jeffrey Sirois, Rockville High School, Vernon
Leslie Capuano, Sacred Heart Academy, Wallingford
Jasmine Evans, Crosby High School, Waterbury
Michelle Guisto, Crosby High School, Waterbury
Erin McGovern, Crosby High School, Waterbury
Hardeep Singh, Crosby High School, Waterbury
Angela Yue, Waterford High School
Katherine Mitchell, William Hall High School, West Hartford
Boris Silver, William Hall High School, West Hartford
Oyewale Ogundipe, New Haven Academy
Joe Mastracchio, West Haven High School
Cara Moran, West Haven High School
Matt Hintsa, Greens Farms Academy, Westport
Richmond Woodward, Greens Farms Academy, Westport
Christina Daley, Staples High School, Westport
Matthew Jacobs, Staples High School, Westport
Rebecca Kamins, Staples High School, Westport
Rebecca Kowal, Staples High School, Westport
Michelle Levine, Staples High School, Westport
Nina Lintermans, Staples High School, Westport
Miles Lubin, Staples High School, Westport
Cameron Marantz, Staples High School, Westport
Stephen Marcinuk, Staples High School, Westport
Shane Mulligan, Staples High School, Westport
James Ning, Wethersfield High School
Elizabeth Zhu, Wethersfield High School
Marisa Zuniga, Metropolitan Learning Center, Windsor Locks
Brendan Vosburgh, Amity Regional Senior High School, Orange

David Zlatin, Avon High School
Christopher Affie, Ansonia High School
Lee Panagoulias, Branford High School
Stephen Roberts, East Haven High School
Elizabeth Christophy, Sacred Heart Academy, Hamden
Stacy Davies, Lewis S. Mills High School, Burlington
Sonia Beloin, Hamden High School
Peter Ustie, Ridgefield High School
John McNulty, Berlin High School
Amanda Do, Waterford High School
Roberta Kovacic, Montville High School
Paul Buchbinder, Stamford High School
Bruce Kopec, Parish Hill High School, Chaplin
Virginia Murphy, Northwest Catholic High School, West Hartford
Francis Gasparro, Hamden Hall Country Day School, Hamden
Alfred Scheetz, Staples High School, Westport
Wayne Moshier, RHAM High School, Hebron
Hannah Shear, New Canaan High School
Timothy Reid, East Hartford High School
Irina Nebouvailo, Wilbur Cross High School, New Haven
John Boothby, New Milford High School
Jennifer Staple, Greens Farms Academy
David Lewis, Darien High School
Heather Rauf, Greenwich High School
Curtis Hull, Putnam High School
John Listorti, Killingly High School
Katia Kingston, Lyme-Old Lyme High School
Elizabeth Brown, Rockville High School, Vernon
Tara Holzmiller, Maloney High School, Meriden
Derek Wilson, Amity Regional Senior High School, Woodbridge
Timothy D. Percoski, Metropolitan Learning Center, Bloomfield
Peter Rinaldi, Stamford High School
Denise Mendoza, Newtown High School, Sandy Hook
Valerie Ursin, Putnam High School
Susan M. Chieffo, Wethersfield High School
Crystal LaVoie, New Haven Academy, Hamden
Rosanne Brennan, Mercy High School, Middletown
Melissa Torrance, O.H. Platt High School, Meriden
Francine Zampini, Ellington High School
Naomi Persky, New Britain High School
David Tremblay, West Haven High School



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