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Chamber of Commerce form partnership
Released: November 29, 2005

Release # 05117
Karen Grava
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Jack Condlin, Chamber of Commerce
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STORRS, Conn.–  An academic research center that will focus on research and scholarship related to global and international issues in all academic disciplines is being established at the Stamford campus.

Approved by the Board of Trustees on Nov. 15, the Center for Globalization and Commerce at Stamford Campus will engage in empirical and applied research with global partners in industry, business, government, education and commerce in Stamford and other Fairfield County communities.

“The center’s focus will be at the Stamford regional campus where there will be access to multinational businesses and corporations and a growing international and immigrant population and where resources are readily going to be provided by the Stamford Chamber of Commerce,” said Provost Peter Nicholls.  

The Stamford area is home to many global companies including UBS, a Swiss bank, and the soon-to-be opened headquarters of the Royal Bank of Scotland, among others.

The center will provide faculty exchange opportunities and research collaborations   with colleagues at global universities that will be established through the Stamford Chamber of Commerce’s worldwide network and   will provide students with opportunities for fieldwork and internships, said Michael Ego, associate vice provost for the Stamford campus.

“We are extremely happy with this new partnership between the Stamford Chamber of Commerce and UConn Stamford,” said Jack Condlin, president and chief executive officer of the chamber.   “Stamford is the strongest international trade center between New York and Boston and this new center will help promote this fastest growing segment of our business community.”

The global center will also create a teaching/learning environment where workshops, seminars and lectures will be offered to and by the UConn faculty, staff and students and to and by professionals of the business/community members.   The workshops will take advantage of the expertise of both UConn faculty and staff and the business/corporate experts of the Stamford Chamber and those affiliated with it.

Ego said the center would serve as a community resource center to assist the Fairfield County community in exploring and understanding globalization and commerce.

The center will be guided by a Center Oversight Committee, which will develop specific research questions to be explored and will build upon existing global partnerships that the University already has such as the edgelab, collaboration at the campus with General Electric that allows students to work with GE employees on real business initiatives.

“The center is an important way both for the campus to take advantage of the many resources in the community and to offer to the community the diverse and excellent UConn Faculty expertise to address common research interests and topics,” said Ego. “The partnerships we develop through this program will provide tremendous advantages to our students upon graduation as they enter a global economy and will permit our faculty and staff to contribute to the Fairfield County community.”


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