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August 2009

Hartford Courant
Colleges, Universities Activating Plans To Deal With Swine Flu
Shopping for college supplies? Don't forget the thermometers, ibuprofen, Tylenol, Gatorade and hand sanitizer. Connecticut colleges and universities are advising students to have those products on hand for the expected return of the H1N1 virus, popularly known as swine flu. The recommendation is part of an overall strategy for dealing with outbreaks on campuses. ... "There's a race between the vaccine and the virus," said Mike Kurland, director of student health services at the University of Connecticut. "What we are trying to do is prevent the spread until enough people can be vaccinated against the virus. ... We are undertaking a massive public health communications marketing campaign."Read more...

The Vancouver Sun
Global Warming Sending Tropical Species Uphill: Study
Global warming is driving tropical plant and animal species to higher altitudes, potentially leaving lowland rainforest with nothing to take their place, ecologists argue in this week's issue of Science. In a rare study on the impact of global warming in the tropics, University of Connecticut ecologist Robert Colwell and colleagues worked their way up the forested slope of a Costa Rican volcano to collect data on 2,000 types of plants and insects.Read more...

Hartford Courant
Gladly Learning Later In Life
In front of a standing -room-only crowd of a few hundred Tuesday morning, speakers lobbed jokes about Howdy Doody and "bucket lists." ... Welcome to a school open house -- only this isn't any ordinary learning institution. ... They attend, or will enroll in, the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at the University of Connecticut's Waterbury branch. ... Brian Chapman, the local program's director explained OLLI, as the college-for-the -older-set is called, has consistently met and exceeded goals. Participants in the only program of its kind in Connecticut have hailed from 63 towns. "I thought the program would be successful. I never thought it would be this successful," said William Pizzuto, director of UConn Waterbury.Read more...

Hartford Courant
For Indian Americans, Life In The United States
Bandana Purkayastha, an associate professor of sociology and Asian American studies at the University of Connecticut, is the author of two books about Indians and other South Asians in America: "Living Our Religions: Hindu and Muslim South Asian American Women Narrate Their Experiences," and "Negotiating Ethnicity." Purkayastha talked about Indian Americans' progress and the hurdles they face.Read more...

Connecticut Plus
UConn, DEP Website Provides Innovative Ways To Explore Long Island Sound
The University of Connecticut, in cooperation with the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), has enhanced a dynamic website that allows users to explore Long Island Sound with state-of-the-art oceanic technology and a host of new video programs. The site also describes the various habitats in the Sound, discusses its history and geology, and provides information on how its environment is affected by human activity. ... "Combining these wonderful new map products that present an accurate geologic landscape with the video of the seafloor and creatures that live there hopefully gives the visitor a real sense of what the Sound is like underwater" says Ralph Lewis, UConn Marine Science professor and former State of Connecticut geologist.Read more...

Scientist Proposes A Highly Efficient System For Generating And Distributing Energy
An Indian origin scientist has determined that a highly efficient system for generating and distributing energy is lean, mean and green, and could be as close as the nearest farm. ... "This solution is truly homegrown, and its successful application can be critical for the U.S. and the world," said Dr. Prabhakar Singh, Director, Connecticut Global Fuel Cell Center and UTC Endowed Chair Professor in Fuel Cell Technology. ... "At the University of Connecticut, we have started a green campus initiative that features fuel cells that work on bio-derived fuel," he said.Read more...

UConn Goes Green With Parking Lots Sound Icon
Construction to make UConn's parking lots green is underway.

Hartford Courant
UConn Med Student Is 'Next Top Doc'
Dan Henderson, of Farmington, a third-year student at the University of Connecticut School of Medicine, won a $5,000 scholarship and the distinction of being the first winner of the new radio quiz show "Next Top Doc." Henderson was one of 16 students from U.S. medical schools, including three from the UConn School of Medicine, to compete at the annual convention of the American Medical Student Association.Read more...

Nanowerk News
Emerging Energy Technology: Lean, Mean And Green
A highly efficient system for generating and distributing energy is lean, mean and green – and could be as close as the nearest farm, according to a University of Connecticut professor. ... "This solution is truly homegrown, and its successful application can be critical for the U.S. and the world," said Dr. Prabhakar Singh, Director, Connecticut Global Fuel Cell Center and UTC Endowed Chair Professor in Fuel Cell Technology. ... "At the University of Connecticut, we have started a green campus initiative that features fuel cells that work on bio-derived fuel," he said.Read more...

Scientists Work To Preserve Sound Oysters
Out on Long Island Sound, where Captain Norm Bloom often can be found just outside the Harbor Islands, it now seems inconceivable that some scientists and fishermen were ready a decade ago to write off what arguably is the world's richest oyster ground… Inke Sunila, the marine biologist who runs the program, says she already has bred a stock of oysters that show increased survivability and grow faster. ... J. Evan Ward, a biologist with the University of Connecticut's marine sciences department, said the oyster project is analogous to the terrestrial domestication of poultry and dairy cattle. What's more, he called it essential to the future of the fishery.Read more...

Medill Reports
Controversial Stem Cell Research Under Way But No Major Breakthroughs – For Now
The promise of cures that could be found through stem cell research are drowning out the inconvenient truth: Yes, there very well may be cures in the future – but not right now. ... Anne Hiskes, the director of Research Ethics and Education for Stem Cell Research at the University of Connecticut, said that because stem cell research is still relatively new –- it has been in existence for less than 50 years -- it will be a while before any breakthroughs occur. "To play devil's advocate, we haven’t seen any cures with the help of stem cell research at all yet, even though it seems like research facilities and the media continue to promise them and claim we’re so close to curing this and curing that," said Hiskes.Read more...

Hartford Courant
Incoming UConn Freshmen Have Higher SAT Scores, Greater Diversity
The University of Connecticut's incoming freshmen class will be the brightest and most diverse ever judging by SAT scores, up a full 13 points, and a minority population that will total 21 percent. ... "That is an astonishing increase," UConn President Michael Hogan told the university's board of trustees Tuesday. ... "Families are recognizing the value of a UConn education," said M. Dolan Evanovich, UConn's vice president of enrollment management.Read more...

New York Times
Phys Ed: Are Sports Drinks Actually Good for Kids?
A few summers ago, researchers from the University of Connecticut's Department of Kinesiology showed up at youth soccer and football camps on the East Coast to study the kids' drinking habits. What they found was that the young athletes, aged 9-16, didn't drink enough. ... "When kids do intense exercise in the heat for numerous hours, I would encourage the use of sports drinks," says Douglas Casa, an associate professor of kinesiology at the University of Connecticut and the lead researcher for most of the sports camp studies. "They will likely drink more of a flavor they like as compared to water, and will benefit from the carbs and electrolytes."Read more...

Los Angeles Times
Census Of Marine Life Maps An Ocean Of Species
The first comprehensive effort to identify and catalog every species in the world's oceans, from microbes to blue whales, is a year from completion. "This was a field in need of a revolution," said Ann Bucklin, who heads the marine sciences department at the University of Connecticut. "It has opened up global oceanography."Read more...

Northwest Herald
CL Grad’s Work May Fix Hearts

In the late 1980s, all the scientists were doing it, Linda Shapiro said. So she cloned a molecule, and she has spent the past 20 years researching it. ... Fifty-two-year-old Shapiro is a 1975 Crystal Lake High School graduate, now an associate professor of cell biology at the University of Connecticut Health Center. ... Shapiro is working with CD13, performing research she hopes will help people make quicker recoveries from heart attacks.Read more...

New York Times
Do Women Make Better Bosses?
Do "female bosses tend to be better managers, better advisers, mentors, rational thinkers"? ... What does research show about the differences between women and men as managers? ... Gary N. Powell is professor of management in the School of Business of the University of Connecticut in Storrs. ... Female leaders tend to display a "transformational" leadership style, which has been demonstrated to contribute to leader effectiveness, more than male leaders do.Read more...