This tribute to the members of the University of Connecticut family who
perished in the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks was first published
in the Winter 2002 issue of the UConn alumni magazine.
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Richard "Rick" Blood Jr. '97

Evan Gillette '83

Robert Higley '94

Joseph A. Lenihan '82, '84 M.B.A.

Scott J. O'Brien '83

Margaret Q. Orloske '73

Cheryl Monyak '79, '81 M.B.A.

Sean Schielke '96


So how, then, are they unknown?

When you think of them today, as all the

days of your life, think of them as I do.


I know them well.

Each one is an old friend.

James O'Neill Jr. (1920-1967)
American writer